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WHY School Coaching?

BEYOND SCHOOL – At Shree Jaya Bhatia Creativities, we have an approach towards overall development of the child. Some children need personal attention, some need influencing, some need counselling, and some, regular follow ups. At SJBc we, as a team make sure, we have a personal touch with children (we call them children, not students). Sometimes, a glimpse or an influencing moment makes a child’s life, and that happens only when we are directly linked and totally aware of the children’s in & out.


Shree Jaya Bhatia Creativities cater to students of different boards like CBSE, IGCSE, IB & GSEB from base to class 10. At Shree Jaya Bhatia Creativities, we have ‘SUBJECT EXPERTS’. We all know, a jack of all trades is master in none. Our subject experts include experts in Math, Science, Social Studies, English & Hindi. A distinct expert in each subject enables her or him master the subject for years and decades, develop different methods to apply with current situations, associate related stories to apply with the chapter, making the explanation and teaching more and more interesting, simple as well as easy. Moreover, we try to put emphasis on the practical aspect of the learning, which convinces the child to learn, without taking it as a waste of efforts and time.


Reading: Be it Math, English, Science, Social Studies or Hindi, we make sure our children begin with chapter reading. Once children have read it, they have started investing their individual efforts into it. This also enables them match the teacher’s speed.


Explanation: Children relax and teachers endeavor. Here the ‘SUBJECT EXPERTS’ roll their sleeves up, to impart the best ever explanation they can, using their skill, experience and stories. We have observed, stories make the session the most interesting, connecting the past & present affairs, with future assumptions & anticipations.


Notes: We have SJBc Notes in the form of ‘Question Bank’ (which consists of questions; answers of which are marked by students) & ‘Answer Bank’ (printed set of questions & answers), suiting the level and the requirement of a particular child. We strongly believe in children’s own endeavor, and hence continuously work on shifting them towards self-made notes, providing them only the ‘question banks’. Over a period of time, we have experienced children preferring to self-made notes (with the help of question bank), and that gives us the real satisfaction! (Smile)


Take-ups: This is again what we mean by personal attention. We believe in personalized oral test of each child, before jumping to the written test. This enables children get a better grip over their own understanding and learning. Our valued parents have been appreciating this system of ours a lot, over a period of time.


Test: A written test in the paper format matching the school/board examination is announced in advance and taken, invigilated by the respective subject expert. Children write their ‘I am equal to my words’ (GOAL) before reading the question paper, which may compel them to a retest, in case they do not reach or cross their own goal.