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Counselling & Mentoring for Boarding Schools

Why Boarding Schools?

Children, when at home, are in their comfort zones. They have abilities, but not many willing opportunities. We know there is limited growth when we continue to stay in our comfort zone. To identify and get the real talent come out to explore, we all have to move out to our discomfort zone. Same is with children. When they move to a reputed residential school, they are on their own. They are in charge of small decisions, problems, responsibilities, actions and results. This prepares them for life! This is a general overview of the ‘WHY’. Every parent’s, especially child’s WHY is different and unique! Having ‘YOUR OWN WHY’ takes you to the right place and of course, success


Generally speaking, there are three kinds of schools where we, as parents, children and mentors, can see a common dream of ethical & safe upbringing, modern education and substantial growth of children.
Category 1 – Modern & Most Experienced Schools like The Doon School, St. George’s College, Welham Girls’ School, Welham Boys’ School, Mayo College Girls’ School, Mayo College for Boys, Bishop Cotton, The Scindia School for Boys, Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya
Category 2 – Gurukul like boarding schools like Rishi Valley, Sahyadri School, CIRS
Category 3 – International Schools like TISB, Woodstock School, Jain International, Singapore International School
(The list is long and can be studied in the ‘Encyclopedia of Boarding Schools’


Birth of the thought of a boarding school is an invitation to further information, counselling and mentoring.

You can go through the Encyclopedia of Boarding Schools to understand, compare and shortlist the schools, you feel are meant for your children. Then follows a unique way of counseling children, SJBc does in the form of the ‘WHY TEST’. In simple language, through our test, we try to understand the ‘STUDENTS’ PURPOSE’ (WHY), and undermine the methods and tools that will give her or him a better scope of reaching her or his goal – ADMISSION IN THE DESIRED RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL. Counselling & Mentoring are the processes required further.