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Beyond Schooling



Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education and its variations of STEAM or STREAM, brings an integrated learning approach towards building STEM capable skills required for the future. There are various approaches to implementing STEM in schools, and whatever approach fits with your school’s vision, EducoPro can help in the design, resource selection, curriculum alignment, teacher training and implementation.

Our STEM approaches:

  • Innovation Centres
  • STEM+ Studios
  • Makerspaces
  • Design & Technology Labs

Our hands-on and tech enabled STEM solutions cover a range of STEM topics suitable for all learner levels and comes with extensive curriculum.

Our Solution Offerings –

STEM Solutions for K-12 Education

STEM Solutions for Vocational Education


We at EducoPro deeply believe that Physical Education and Sports too needed a structured curriculum and systematic techniques like Science and Mathematics. Children being made to play a sport of their choice for half an hour a day were no longer acceptable. To cater to the needs and demands of the schools, several sports lovers and well-wishers designed curriculums and came up with innovative solutions. This led us to partner with the leading  Sports Education companies that focused on providing high quality physical education in schools.

We have been working with Sports Education companies since our inception, providing expert advice and support to help raise the standards of PE & Sports.

Our Bespoke Provision and Services are tailored to your School’s Needs &Budget which are as follows:-




To be the winner of the race where millions participate, the child needs Life Skills that enables them to achieve the most in the smartest possible way. A child with skills like decision making and problem solving can smoothen his path towards success.

The skill of leadership helps your child to take responsibilities and lead others. Negotiation skills help him improve his communication with the outer world. Economic common sense and Entrepreneurship helps him understand the business world. Ethics and values help him understand his surroundings and the human race better.

As an integral part of holistic development we have partnered with the pioneers of life skill trainings with very structured modules to be delivered in schools. We advise and drive the schools to integrate the LIFE SKILLS curriculum to the schooling systems.

The training is designed in such a way that the child has to invest not more than 2 hours a week. Whether your child is in 3rd Grade or 12th Grade or in Inter college/Pre-university, only 2 hours per week is all the time a child has to put in learning these critical life skills. Each session comprises of:

  • A Concept Video
  • A Case Study
  • A Skill Game
  • Real-life Scenario based Questions
  • Interactive Exercises Skill Games
  • Real-world Skills Practice


Founders of EDUCO PRO have extensive experience in handling lot of coaching brands  like T.I.M.E, Vidyamandir Classes(VMC), ETENCA (Indiacan Education), Sinhal Classes (ICSE, CBSE), Rankers Choice (Commerce), Study Smart (Overseas Education) etc for around  the last 2 decades  and know the process to make coaching a profitable model for schools in following Models

ISP  (In School Program)ASP (After School Program)
·         Team of Professional Teachers·         Better Infra utilization
·         Increase in Fees·         Increase of Revenue for School
·         SIP (School & Coaching In one place)·         Increases Admission in schools
·         Specialized Program – NEET/ JEE/ NTSE etc in School·         New students who are not regular students can also give business in evening
·         Improvement in Academics·         One stop Solution for parents


We can provide both ISP and ASP by India` renowned name for following segment

Sinhal Classes (CBSE, ICSE, State Board)

VMC (Foundation, NTSE,JEE, NEET)

EducoFit (Professional Sports & Fitness Coaching)

For other information get in contact with us for a detailed proposal