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About us
Shree Jaya Bhatia Creativities is a team of enthusiastic ‘Subject Experts’ whose IKIGAI is ’Teaching’. It was founded in the year 1991, when its founder Mr Sumit Bhatia himself was studying in class 10. Sumit found difficulty in understanding what his teachers taught to him, hence he decided to invent and discover better methods of teaching as well as inspiring his ‘children’. Sumit is also known as an ‘Attitude Setter’ among children.

Shree Jaya Bhatia Creativities excels in

Counseling and Mentoring for Eminent Residential Schools 
World of Jolly Phonics & Grammar
School Coaching for CBSE, IGCSE, IB & GSEB Board students from base to class 10. 
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Our mission

To nurture young children with the right foundation through Jolly Phonics & Grammar, give them the best quality of education till class ten, making education most ethical, simple, interesting and useful, and guide as well as train passionate students in choosing and clearing the most eminent residential schools of India

Our vision

Fulfil the dreams of India’s children and parents, to get the right academic foundation and admission in their dream residential schools like The Doon School, Welham, TISB, CIRS, Mayo, Rishi Valley, Woodstock and more through right ethics, guidance, attitude building, mentoring, dedication and determination.

our team

Jaya Bhatia

(Foundation Maker for Young Children,
Certified Mentor of The World of Jolly Phonics)

“Language is the key to communication! Relating letters, sounds, formation and pronunciation, and enjoying the ease in reading, speaking and writing is a short formula to an effective communication!”


Sumit Bhatia

(Expert Counsellor & Mentor for Residential Schools across India, English & Mathematics)

“A teacher is first felt! Then follows what students need so they can become your children.

I am born and determined to guide, teach, inspire, and become a path of fulfilment of my children’s dreams. My vision is to help children and their parents fulfil their dreams of pursuing their education in the most eminent boarding schools across the world. I am not a destination, but a guide in my children’s journey.”


Shailee Shah

(Subject Expert for Science & Social Studies)

“Teaching is all about enlightening curious minds by adopting personalized learning methods that connect dots between the theory and the practical world.”


Divya Bhatia

(Expert for standard 3 to 6)

“To keep the entire explanation interactive, often students are asked to share their views, quizzes are conducted which creates a friendly relation between students and teacher and also ensures that important points are not missed out.”


Amit Tiwari

(Subject Expert for Math & Science)

“As far as knowledge is concerned, it can vary from person to person but ability remains equal in every human being; it is just about putting the required efforts and moulding that ability into the right shape. For that, *Guidance* is necessary and that should be proper, practical and involving. For many children Math & Science are just subjects, but when we think of something logical Science & Math are served as investigating tools. They help an individual in developing logical thinking ability. Children, scientists, engineers and whoever in this world has made this a way of life, has changed the world in many aspects. We believe and thrive to take every student to the world of lines and angles and then make them build their new world, a new possibility!”

our core values


The goal of SJBC is constant growth. Our institute, children, teachers, and even clients are always at profit & development. Growth is always on the upside!


It’s the air in the balloon that makes it fly, not the colour! Likewise, it is the attitude of the children, the teachers and the parents that makes all the difference, towards the positive and true development!

3) Honesty

Honesty is the core value of an education system. Education itself is nothing but truth and integrity. By being honest, we are not only being truthful to our profession, but also are stating the right example to our children.

4) Hard-work

Hard-work is the key to success. It is not necessary that a teacher or a student works for longer hours to attain success; working with precision is also hard-work as that requires a lot of concentration, dedication and consistency.

5) Happy Children

Where our children are happy, they will flourish!

6) Enthusiasm

Whether it is children or teachers or parents, learning is enthusiastic. There is a passion towards ‘WHY’ and ‘HOW’ before learning ‘WHAT’. Children, teachers and parents at SJBC are bold at asking questions, discussing problems and giving ideas, irrespective to where they are standing and who they are representing!

7) Relationship

Healthy relationship is another key to happy journey, easy working and grand success. It is one of the most important values of SJBC, not to hurt anyone and maintain purest and healthiest relationship with teachers, ex-teachers, children, ex-students, clients and ex-clients.

8) Learning & Innovations

SJBC believes in continuous learning, trainings and innovations. Constant upgradation and moving with the trend is a key factor of a developed organisation to keep progression, by leaps and bounds.

9) Results

Children at SJBC always upgrade themselves to greater height, improvising in terms of grades, numbers, personality as well as values.

10) Accountability

A student’s failure is a teacher’s failure. Therefore, it is the teacher who is accountable for the children’s progress and constant development, in terms of results, thoughts, talks, company, ideas, respect, relationship, values & virtues!

11) Above All

An organization and its core values are always bigger than the individuals. Any act or decision or practice that challenges SJBC or its value system is an act to be corrected or abolished with immediate priority.