People of Surat have strong feelings and ideas, but are unable to put them into words! A course is available for them in the name of ‘TOTT – Talk of the Town’! The adults can shed their inhibitions and hesitations and lead a more confident life!

The process is completely an experience rather than a learning, which takes the people to the next level of communication in English be it at Parties, Social Gatherings, Jobs, Business Meetings, Presentations, International Vacations, School & College Meetings. TOTT had been initiated with an intention to create an awareness across the diamond city and see men & women develop beautifully with fluent and confident command over English, and has been successfully running the fourth batch at the center. Advantages and blessings as a result of the course:

• Seeing yourself at par with the growing world.
• An inspiration to your children who want to see you as their friend more than a guide.
• Better level of communication with your friends, society.
• Be a confident traveller, be it any country.
• Communicate effectively with your children's teachers, other professionals
• Prove yourself by chasing your dream, being an entrepreneur, inspire yourself before someone else inspires you!