School Coaching

SJBC coaches students for almost all the eminent CBSE & IB schools in Surat. SJBC caters to building a strong foundation to children from prep to class IX. The main subjects like Science, Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Hindi as well as Gujarati are handled with ease by the efficient team!

SJBC not only imparts general education to the children, but also cultivates them in the creative writing skills, roots of all the subjects – formulae, origin & meaning, system & alignment of writing, presentations and neatness of the work! Not only this, we are successful in making many of our students independent of tuitions! Yes!!! This sounds contradicting, but this is how we are different!!! Besides coaching, we teach children how to make their own notes, (We call them ‘Star Notes’ at SJBC) and even their own test worksheets. When the children are given a question paper to comprehend from their own text books, they are given the training and freedom of framing the answers in their own words, using the correct formation of appropriate words. The kids who frame the most precise answers become the author of the specific worksheet, which remains and is used for the years to follow! This motivates not only the writer students, but the juniors too, who make them their idols and work even harder and dedicatedly! Well established, up-gradated methods of explanation followed by a number of ‘Benchmark’ tests make the children ready with their curriculum thoroughly. We believe in ‘knowing’ our lessons and well connecting them with our practical world rather than rote learning. This makes the learning process effortless, sustainable & permanent.