About SJBC

An urge to seek education with rare techniques and an individualist approach is what you find when you visit SJBC! ‘Shree Jaya Bhatia Creativities’ popular as SJBC is an educational institution formed with a motive of imparting pure and practical education to school children in an easier way! SJBC was founded by Mr Sumit Bhatia in the year 1991 with an intention of following his passion in teaching and was accompanied by Mrs Jaya Bhatia towards even higher ambitions & goals! The years continued with hard-work and dedication and even grew bigger with the trust of clients and children’s result! It is not just two of them who took the lead role, but their entire team, outlook of which resembles like pearls of the same string! SJBC aims at creating ‘World Leaders’ who mark a difference in the society as well as the industries of the world!

“Dedication, honesty, character formation and integrity are our magic strengths leading us towards our goals! With a noble vision of creating 'An English Revolution in Surat', we believe in teaching children for life.” – Sumit Bhatia